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I hadn’t been to church much in a while. “In a while,” being not much in ten years. Somehow, one day led to the next, before you know it, it had been too long.

There was always a good reason.
I worked away from home, recurring sickness in my family, and I get anxiety in large social settings. Normal life stuff for normal people. In my mind, my situation was justified.

Pretty soon, the only Christian I talked to was my wife. I had lost all desire for church or to be around Christians. But something wasn’t right.

Isolation sucks.

If your in that place, you know it too. I have the suspicion there are a ton of others in the same boat. People who used to love God but have fizzled out of church. They might have just stopped going one day and forgot to go back.

Maybe they got wronged or someone ticked them off. Or maybe they have been through the grinder of life and church didn’t make the cut.

You don’t have to go and beat yourself up about it, but one thing is for certain. You need a plan to re-engage yourself in the faith for yourself.

Being a Lone Ranger is not where a person wants to be. Being isolated from the social engagement of church is one thing. Being isolated from God is another.

Look in the Mirror.

If your isolated, don’t let another day go by staying that way. The most important things in life are not hands-off. You have to engage in some way. That’s why people don’t do them or put them off to time that seems more convenient.

Now Matters.

It is easier to wait for someone else to do something for you but life is shorter than we realize. By taking responsibility for your own faith, pursuing meaning apart from experience, you will find what you are looking for on the other side. God will meet you there.

Tools of the Trade.

The Christian life isn’t an easy one. I would have serious reservation about anyone who says it is. But just because it’s hard doesn’t mean a person folds their cards.

God uses the hardships one faces to develop a person’s character, competence, and commitment for the battle of life. When reflecting on life through the lens of Gods Word and prayer, hardships can be just the thing that lights the lamp of Gods grace in our lives. We can the see where we were once blind.

It’s normal to have doubts when starting a different course. Things may not go how we envision though. They might go better. Way better. All that isolation and disconnectedness may just evaporate and a person finds themselves in community. Just remember…

YOUR faith… is a gift to YOU.… by GOD.

It’s individual to you. Take time to appreciate that. Your not alone because God is your God and He won’t leave you stranded. But you need to look at your faith and to OWN IT as the gift it is. It’s sitting there, waiting for you to unpack.

You might be disconnected and discouraged but God is faithful to be there with you. If things are not ideal in life, the timing couldn’t be better.

When you take responsibility for anything in life, good things seem to happen. If your dead in your tracks I encourage you to start your faith life again, drop into low-gear, and get on your way. God knows your life is worth it.

|Stay True. Stay Ready.|