Spiritual Durability. Part 2.

Desiring a pain-free life is denying reality. The good thing is we can prepare for those events by developing durability. We can inoculate ourselves by introducing a serum that boosts our immunity to hardship of life.

Training for Spiritual Durability is about perspective and preparation. It is taking the things people have being doing unwittingly in their lives and present them as tools upfront, so that they can start to cultivate these mental skills in the hope that they will become spiritually resilient.

A person can live a life of faith 70, 80, 90 years with their faith intact, living purposeful, meaningful  lives as followers of Christ. and can readily handle stress in crisis.

Don’t wait for life to happen.

The key to developing durability in life is to continually challenge yourself in the places that make you uncomfortable.

I don’t think I am alone in this, but uncomfortable is often daily exercises like kneeling to pray or memorizing a bible verse.

It is also not letting a worrisome thought circulate in our heads. Worry can be oddly comforting because it distracts us from the real issue of trust in God.

When we are uncomfortable, especially when it means that should have faith in spite of our circumstances, we develop this response to turn away from the source of discomfort, hoping it goes away.

We need change that response to keeping your head up and eyes open, not hiding from the pain a person feels when they reject passivity. Drawing from the constructive quality of adversity is the path to strength.

When we meet a challenge, we get to choose our response. The right one is doing not what you want to do, but doing what needs to get done. This builds the character, confidence, and commitment to keep going when the chips are down.

It takes courage to have faith in the unseen. By continually applying courage we change who we are. We begin to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. Going forward despite not knowing exactly how something will turn out. True confidence is not a dependence on innate ability but byproduct of repeated courage in areas that we are weak.

Till next time…

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