Being Professional

The word, “Professional,” resonates with most men.

Profession Grade.

“That guy’s a real pro.”

“Step aside. Let the professionals take over.”

Or my favorite…

“Honey, by the way, I quit my job. I am going to become a professional golfer.”

The word “profession” can mean different things to different people, but at its core, it’s meant to be an indicator of trust or achievement in a particular field. In regards to Christianity, it’s a more practical term. It is what a person says to be true about faith and life.

Here is one definition from the Cambridge Dictionary:

A statement about what some feels, believe, or intends to do, often made publicly.”

“Professionalism” comprises the personally held beliefs about one’s own conduct in regards to a profession. It is no only what a person says to be true, but what a person thinks and acts being in alignment.

In no way is this advocating some sort of religious legalism or achievement based righteousness, but a desire to figure out what a person believes for themselves and to mature in the faith through intentional practices.

When applied to the Christian Faith, being professional can be broken down to a few areas of growth.

Character: Intrinsically, character is one’s true nature including identity, sense of purpose, values, virtues, morals, and conscience. Character, in a practical sense, is a Christian’s dedication and adherence to biblical ethics and values, as consistently and faithfully demonstrated in decisions and actions.

Competence: Is a Christian demonstrated ability to carefully handle the Word of Truth and humbly live out the Faith with discipline.

Commitment: Is a Christian resolve to contribute honorable service to God and engage oneself in the world, despite adversity, obstacles, and challenges.

Scripture memory, self-authoring a statement of faith, and having brothers that can engage you critically about areas of growth are sure ways to work out sanctification into a evolution of faith.

With some tactics in place, a person can start walking down the path of personal evolution and to place beyond where they currently find themselves. Working in step with the Spirit and in the communion of a brotherhood they can move towards the real end game: Glorifying our Creator in living a life of godliness and contentment.

None of us are minor-leaguers as children of God. Having a profession and being professional is pursuing and practicing a faith worth living for from a God worth dying for.