Being Professional

I think the word, “Professional,” resonates with most men.

Profession Grade.

Professional Series.

“Step aside. Let the professionals take over.”

Or my favorite…

“Honey, by the way, I quit my job. I am going to become a professional golfer.”

The word “profession” can also mean different things to different people. But at its core, it’s meant to be an indicator of trust or achievement in a particular field. In regards to Christianity, it’s a more practical term. It is what a person says to be true about faith and life.

Here is one definition from the Cambridge Dictionary:

A statement about what some feels, believe, or intends to do, often made publicly.”

Professionalism comprises the personally held beliefs about one’s own conduct. It is what a person says to be true and what a person thinks and acts being in alignment.

In no way is this advocating legalism or achievement based righteousness, but a desire to figure out what a person believes for themselves and to mature in the faith through intentional practices.

When applied to the Christian Faith, being professional can be broken down to a few areas of growth.

Character: Intrinsically, character is one’s true nature including identity, sense of purpose, values, virtues, morals, and conscience. Character, in a practical sense, is a Christian’s dedication and adherence to biblical ethics and values, as consistently and faithfully demonstrated in decisions and actions.

Competence: Is a Christian demonstrated ability to carefully handle the Word of Truth and humbly live out the Faith with discipline.

Commitment: Is a Christian resolve to contribute honorable service to God and engage in the Great Commission despite adversity, obstacles, and challenges.

Scripture memory, self-authoring a statement of faith, and having brothers that can engage you critically about areas of growth are sure ways to work out sanctification into a evolution of faith. (Applying Kung-fu to our proclivity for inaction may also prove to be beneficial.)

With some tactics in place, we can start walking down the path of personal evolution, to beyond where we currently find ourselves. Working in step with the Spirit and in the communion of a brotherhood we can move towards the real end game: Glorifying our Creator in living life of godliness and contentment.

None of us are minor-leaguers as children of God. Having a profession and being professional is pursuing and practicing a faith worth living for from a God worth dying for.