I will honor the commitments I have made to my God, wife, family, and to other’s who I have the privilege to be associated with.

I will put ego aside and humbly set others needs before the needs of myself. Reward is found is using my life as a asset to other people in finding knowledge of the faith in Jesus Christ, establishing of character, building of self-confidence, and finding fulfillment in quality of life.

I will refrain from using mockery, sarcasm, or slander. I will choose my words wisely, using few, but having them full of love, patience, and meaning. I will listen in a way to understand others point of view, not speaking over, but giving thoughtful consideration as a matter of the respect they are due.

I will meet adversity head-on. I will not fear it, but embrace it. Failure is not to be found in the absence of success, but is only present when I fail to pick myself after being knocked down by the challenges that life brings to me. Focused, steady, and sure-footed, I will not fail in rising to each challenge. In this I am confident because of whom and on what I stand.

I live in this kingdom but belong to another. My pleasure is not found now but later. I will not seek glory for myself, but will glorify the God of the universe in my thoughts, words, and actions. I have full confidence in the God who has loved, saved, and welcomed me into His family. Though this world fades away, He is faithful. He will bring me from one kingdom to another, fulfilling the promises from His word. He is God. He will not fail.

|Stay True. Stay Ready.|