Inward.   Outward.   Upward.

Mindfulness has been the catchword that’s been headlining magazine covers for the last couple years.

I totally get the need for mind-peace and restfulness.

Where you go in your mind seeking that peace, is relative to your opinion on a spiritual “Being.”

For some, it’s a inward turn.

Meditation. Visualization. Breathing techniques.

For others , it is a look outwards.

Time in nature. Going for a trail run. Or a walk by the ocean.

For me, mindfulness is a head bowed, and a spirit turned Upward.

It’s my desire to know and being known Inward by the creator of all things. Being thankful for God loving me. Meditating on scripture given to me. Then moving it Outward by praying for those I care for.

Time spent without the clutter of notifications, politics, or online shopping is good for the soul. However one spends it.

Go there often.