Building a Cadre



– small group of people of people specially trained for a particular purpose or profession.

No one starts off their day thinking, “This is the day that I’m gonna get smoked.”

Then out of the blue, adversity hits and suddenly your dealing the fallout from a untimely, thermonuclear life-bomb.

Financial. Relational. Spiritual. You know how this goes. Stuff just seems to happen when you least expect it. Then what?

Isolation is bad news. Going it alone is weak. Self-calibrating doesn’t seem to function nearly as well as a person would hope. Thinking that somehow a person is just going to auto-correct is foolish and short-sighted.

There has to be a plan to survive.

That is where time in the word, prayer, and being in conversation with other men becomes key. Building a stronghold of faith, where a man can figure out how to make his stand.

God can use hardships to develop a man’s character, competence, and commitment in life. Those qualities only come through being correctable before, during, and after the fight. God’s Word and a few faithful brothers will do that to a man if he is willing to evolve.

A man wants to face the vice of adversity knowing he has prepared himself properly. Having the courage to be strengthened by others is the place to start.

One Father. One Savior. Many Brother’s.