Men Need a Cadre



– a small group of people specially trained for a particular purpose or profession.

No one starts off their day thinking, “This is the day that I’m gonna get smoked.”

Then out of the blue, adversity hits. And we are not talking about just one thing. Multiple bogies seem to be hitting you from every angle. Suddenly your dealing the fallout from a untimely, thermonuclear life event.

You know this stuff. Huge cash crunch. Unrelenting time pressure. And this relationship tension just needed to happen now…

Fights break out when you least expect it. Now you’re eating stiff jabs and stumbling around like a punch-drunk, over the hill ring warrior. Then what? What’s your plan? Cause you have a plan, right?

Isolation is bad news.

Going it alone is a weak. Self-calibrating doesn’t seem to function nearly as well as a person would hope. Thinking that somehow a person is just going to auto-correct so often ends up being foolish and short-sighted. Hopelessness and disillusionment crouch around the corner, waiting to blindside you again.

There has to be a plan to survive.

It all starts with trust. Trust is the bedrock of all good relationships, and good relationships are what help you pull through when your ship is listing and in danger of going bottom up.

Trust isn’t a fixed item like a specific point in space or something that can be plotted on a line. It is equal to some sort of multi-axis equation involving consistent behaviour over time. Behaviour is an action word, showing that trust, requires effort. It does not grow in a vacuum.

How to Grow Trust.

Kickstart your conversation. Start with conversation with God. Breathe in through reading and memorizing of simple, clear scripture. Breathe out through short, honest prayer. This is the part that gets taken for granted cause guys think they got it all figured out. It’s either too easy or they think it’s bunk. But life has a way of “educating” us in ways we don’t want. Simplicity is sacred. In battle, and life, complication kills.

Next… Be trustworthy. Get in meaningful conversation with a brother. Or a few bro’s. Whatever works for you. But keep your lips tight about others stuff. It has to be a small enough group that trust can be maintained. Then grow into something.

A Cadre. A small group training themselves in Godliness, for the purpose of building a stronghold of soldiers in the faith. A trusted cohort where a man can figure out how to make his stand. Reading scripture, time in prayer, and “shoot it to me straight” conversation becomes key to survival.

God uses hardships to develop a man’s character, competence, and commitment in the battle of life. Those qualities only come through being correctable before, during, and after the fight. Through internalizing God’s Word and being challenged by a faithful brother, God can change a weak man into a warrior, if he is willing to evolve.

Every man wants to face the vice of adversity knowing he has prepared himself properly. Having the courage to be strengthened by someone else is the place to start.

So what is the purpose of Cadre Of Faith? To engage men who do not want to be victims of circumstance, but walk confidently in a brotherhood of Christ.

|Stay True. Stay Ready.|