True Man

Manhood is a battleground.

What was was once assumed in culture is now under duress and is being tested at every front. While cultural battles are important, they can deflect our attention away from where our most important challenges lie. And that is the battle of that goes on inside.

You against You.

Being the True Man is taking ownership of your life as man, and the responsibility that comes with that. God has made you in a distinct way and for a distinct purpose.

Receiving instruction from others is an important part of faith. We should be willing to listen, learn, and gain wisdom from those who have walked paths before us. We should have hearts that are correctable and open to new ways of thinking. But the onus of pursuing growth, that is on us and us alone.

As men we need to take personal responsibility for our faith and lead ourselves first. We can’t brush it off to someone else and blame them if we are stale. God or others are never at fault.

God has called man, individually, to live a life that is above reproach. Not as a way of seeking distinction as an end in itself. Or, being recognized for one’s character as some badge of personal success.

It is a life that honours God because of who He is. This is done by intentional carving out the image had for man at creation.

That’s a high bar. though it’s not about who you currently are but who you can become.

These are the attributes of that man:

– BE a man who upholds true faithfulness to his God, his family and those he is privileged to surround himself with

– BE a sober-minded man, rejecting foolishness and holding fast to the sensible

– BE a self-controlled man in the thoughts you think, words you say, and actions you take

– BE a respectable man by being mindful of how you carry yourself at your work and in the world

– BE a hospitable man through showing empathy and a willingness to provide for others

– BE a teachable man, so that you can learn, grow and may prove useful to others

– DO NOT BE a man who consumes food or drink in an amount that is shameful

– DO NOT BE a man who is given to anger and makes habit of venting his spirit

– DO NOT BE be a man who is defensive and fulfill the desire to prove others wrong

– DO NOT BE a man who is a lover of money and a maker of god’s to whom he becomes a slave

No one can become this man by his own sheer will. He must ask God to make him something that he is not.

But have confidence.

God is more than willing and able when man is least able and most willing to be shaped by his Creator.

|Stay True. Stay Ready.|