Trust: The Starting Point

Trust is the bedrock of all good relationships.

We have all seen those sports teams that excel at playoff time. It can either be the underdog, who are achieving beyond their skill level. No matter which titan they are facing, you can feel them band together with a undefeatable spirit.

Or, it can be the perennial contender. No matter which player is wearing the jersey in a given year, the team is successful because players trust the system.

Building a Cadre starts with trust.

It’s probably a good thing to define “trust”, because not all trust is built equal. It is not a fixed object. It’s more of a notion that intersects on different planes of references. More or less trust on a given scale. A person can be trusted with this but not with that.

We all know what it is in it’s definition, but it doesn’t get nailed down in its application.

Under construction. Thoughts in process.